Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grace's Swimming Lessons

Grace took 4 weeks of swimming lessons with Miss Heather this summer. She started out kicking and screaming before and during lessons (literally!!!) and finished... swimming! It was a miracle! See the video below to check out our little fish!
Gracie learned to float on her back and then flip over and swim. When she needed a breath she would turn over and float again. She would also learn to "grab the side" when she went in the pool.

Here Gracie's floating with Miss Heather. She would sigh when she floated (haaah...) to show she was relaxing and breathing through her mouth. What a great idea Miss Heather!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Relaxing after a long summer day...

The kids relaxed after a big day of doing chores, practicing piano, doing workbooks, riding bikes, playing in the sprinklers and jumping on the tramp. WOW! They were so exhausted. I put on a movie and they just layed there!

Dad was in charge of dinner...

I put Johnny in charge of dinner tonight and look what he brought home!!! The pizza was gigantic! Really... it was huge! The pizza was as wide as my table is wide. The kids had a blast with the HUGE pieces! It was sooooo good too! We will definately get another one!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crazy Gracie!!!

I found Gracie asleep on the couch... the girl is crazy!

MCO in Salt Lake City!

I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City this last week and record an Oratorio entitled "Messiah In America". I am part of the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization and we teamed up with the Orange County, CA half of the choir to record and perform this work by our director, Brett Stewart. There were 400 Adult Choir singers, 200 Children's Choir singers, and 200 Orchestra members who all worked so hard for this recording. We recorded for 24 hours total in Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City and then performed in the Tabernacle on Temple Square and then a second performance in Abravanel Hall which BYU TV filmed! It was an amazing experience in which I learned so much! I will NEVER forget it!
The EVMCO 1st Soprano Section! Top left to right: Tiffany, Heather, Elise, Ashley, Rochelle, Courtney; bottom left to right: Jamie, Lisa, Jen, Kira, and Paige.

Here is a look at Abravanel Hall! It was gorgeous!

Me, Courtne, Paige and Elise decked out in out MCO shirts!

The organ in the Tabernacle is absolutely as beautiful and grand as it is on TV! Here we are all rehearsing for our concert!

Courtney and Jen sat next to me all through the recordings. These gals have BEAUTIFUL voices! It was a privilege to sing with them!

EVMCO and OCMCO first sopranos waiting for the recordings to start!

Some of us outside the Salt Lake Temple... soaking in the sun!

I will NEVER forget this trip! i learned so much about music and about myself. I am so grateful for music and for EVMCO!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter family and friends!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Pictures

We just had family pictures taken! Enjoy!

Roots and Boots Rodeo

We went to the Roots and Boots Rodeo in Queen Creek this last weekend and it was a blast. We attended a VIP dinner since Johnny is on the Town Council and they handed us unlimited rides cards for the night! The kids had so much fun riding rides and eating our HUGE bag of kettle corn!!! What a fun family night!

Spring Round-up

The kids school had their Spring Round-up this last weekend. It was super fun! There was face painting, train rides, bounce houses, a cake walk and a dunk tank where kids could throw balls at a target and dunk their teacher! Here are Emma and John throwing a ball to dunk Mrs. Abney, Emma's 2nd grade teacher. Here is John getting ready to throw his ball to dunk Mrs. Abney. This is the throw that he hit the target dead on and dunked her! Baseball is paying off!
The teacher in the dunk tank had a squirt gun and was aiming it at the kids throwing the balls.
Gracie loved the train!

The National Anthem

Johnny was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Roots and Boots Rodeo at the Queen Creek Equestrian Ranch. He did really well! Here is a video of his performance...


Over Spring Break I brought the kids to the Mesa Natural History Museum. They have a great exhibit on dinorsaurs right now. Here are the kids enjoying themselves. We had a great time!

The kids panned for gold in an outdoor exhibit. They had so much fun trying to find the little pieces of "gold" in the running stream. They got to bring what they found home with them.

Student of the Month!

Our John-John got student of the month for his class! He was so proud and happy for his achievement and so was I! He received it for being a good friend to others. What a sweet boy!

The Rehearsal Dinner

My sister's rehearsal dinner, which wasn't a rehearsal at all- it was a party!!!- was at a fun seafood restaurant with yummy food and a live band. Family all attended and I think we had about a dozen people there. Here are some fun pictures from the evening (and see below for a REALLY embarrassing Jamie moment!). Here is my mom, my mom's mom A.K.A Mamma, and me. Me and the bride- my beautiful sister, Kari.
Johnny with Grandpa Fred and my Step-dad, Gary.
My sister Ashley with her new husband, Mike. They were married in September!
Here is Brandon's family.
OK... time for my MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT! Really... It was super embarrassing. The live band- who were actually pretty good- asked what parties were going on at the retaurant that evening. There were birthdays and then of course Kari, being the outgoing gal that she is, said, "I'm getting married tomorrow!". So, the band wanted to sing "Going to the Chapel" for the blushing bride- which I thought was a super good idea UNTIL... Kari announced that her sister (pointing to me) sang opera... thrown under the bus!!!!! REALLY! I was ambushed! Kari dragged me up on stage and we made Ashley come too- the more the merrier. The band- who I loathed at this point- handed us tamborines and proceeded to sing "Going to the Chapel" to Kari while we were playing backup and trying not to be totally embarrassed.

THEN... the lead singer handed me the mic and asked me to sing a song for the retaurant. She wanted to hear some opera. SURE! Why not embarrass myself infront of Brandon's family- who I just met. The lady literally shoved the microphone down my throat--- So, for your listening pleasure watch the video below for the most embarrassing moment of my life... thank you Kari and carzy band lady!