Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Cruise

Johnny and I went on our first cruise! It was a 5 day cruise on Carnival to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. SOOOOO FUN! We will definately go on another... only next time it will be 7 days! 5 just wasn't enough!

We left out of San Diego which is where we had our honeymoon in 2001! Here I am standing in front of where we stayed way back when... the Marriott.
Here is the bridge you can ride to Coronado Island where the famous Hotel de Coronado is.
We toured an aircraft carrier, the USS Midway while we were waiting to board our ship. Johnny had fun playing around... here he is in the brig!
Remember that famous black and white picture of the sailor kissing the nurse when WWII ended. Well, they have a giant statue of it in the ark next to the battleship.

We were standing out on top of the Midway and there were 4 real Aircraft carriers at ort at the naval base on Coronado Island. They are in the distance behind us.

Overlooking the planes from all the wars this retired aircraft carrier was in serve for. It was cool to see all the history on this ship!
AND... dun, da-da, dah... here is our room on the cruise ship! Complete with our very own balcony!
I was so excited about all the cool stuff on the ship! Here I am standing in front of the waterslide on the deck by the 2 pools and spas.
Taking off to Baja Mexico!
They had all these cool things on the ship. This was outside of Pharoh's Palace, the theatre on the ship. He was so cool looking I had to give him a kiss!
Here is Johnny fooling around again!
Here are the glass elevators and a look up into the ship... cool, huh?
Here we are in the dining Room for our dress-up night dinner. We had the best waiter, Sammy and the couple we ate dinner every night were so sweet. It was fun to talk with them and make friends! I ate soooo much... the food was so good. I literally ate 2 appetizers, a main dish and 2 desserts every night!!!
We tried to be aware of our virtue on the boat :)
And... he's fooling around again! Super funny though!
I woke up on our our 2nd at sea with this view from my balcony! Welcome to paradise... AKA... Cabo San Lucas!
We took a triple-decker boat tour around Los Arcos, a beautiful rock formation. Here we are on the boat tour with Lover's Beach behind us.
Yeah... it was super windy!Here's a view of our cruise ship from our boat tour. It was fun to see it and then know we could get back on it and have fun!Every night while we were at dinner our room assistant, Johnathan, would turn down our bed covers and make us a little animal out of towels. Here is a cute little frog!
This guy... yes it's a guy with gold all over him! He looked like a statue and scared us when he moved while we were looking at him! He grabbed johnny by the neck with his hook and I just had to take a picture!
Someone had caught a Marlin and Johnny got a pic next to it.
Welcome to Ensenada! It was a beautiful day and it was fun to arrive and get off the boat and tour around the town.
We went on a tour to La Bufadora, the blowhole. It was a cave in a little mountain by the coast and it would suck in water and the air would blow out and there would be a huge gush of water that would blow up into the air. Very cool! We toured a old hotel casino back in the days of Desi Arnez, Lucile Ball and Al Capone! They would all go to this resort and party!

We had a super time! I wanna go back!

Ashley's Wedding in Fair Haven, New York

My sister, Ashley got married on September 18th! She was married at my mom and Step-dad's cottage on Fair Haven Bay right next to Lake Ontario. We took the whole family to New York for this special occasion! We were so worried about the weather because when we got there it was pouring! But Saturday teh sun was shining and the lake was calm and beautiful! Here are some great pics to share!
I was the Maid of Honor...
Here I am with my mom and sisters!
Ashley looked so beautiful when she walked down the stairs towards Mike. She was positively glowing!

Emma and Gracie were flowers girls and John was a ring bearer... don't they look so cute!
Emma and her cousin Ellia did a great job spreading the petals down the isle.
Here is John rolling out the isle for Aunt Ashley.
Here is Gracie waling down the isle with her cousin Riana. They were so cute!

Getting ready...
The Alston Family
Sisters at the reception!

My 30th Birthday!

I turned 30 this year! August 29th to be exact! My sweet husband, who can never keep secrets from me, threw me the BEST surprise party! He had a double date planned with a couple we enjoy to hang out with. We were going to Bucca di Beppo for dinner. So fun! We arrived and Johnny went to go check on our "reservations". (I learned later that he went in to let everyone know we arrived.) We walked through the restaurant and came around the corner and there were some of my best friends... around the table in the "Pope" room. What a GREAT surprise! We had some great food and laughs. Needless to say it was a SUPER GREAT SURPRISE!
Here I am putting on my "30" crown!
The Pope and my friends!
The next night was celebrated with our kids! (If you're wondering why the ice cream cake is lopsided... the freezer was iced over and the cake started melting!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Day of School

The kids are back in school! They were so excited! Emma just started 2nd grade, John is in afternoon kindergarden and Gracie is in Circle Time. Here they all are on their first day of school...

Emma's best friend, Annie is FINALLY in the same class as her! They are so excited to be together at last! Here is Annie and Emma with Annie's sister Claire and Bryson, our carpool buddy.
John was sooooo excited to start kindergarden! (Well, maybe he was just excited about his new Star Wars folder he got to bring with him!)

Gracie was so excited to help her brother go off to school. She just had to wear her backpack!
Here is John with Claire at the kindergarden playground right before school.
Lining up to go into class. This is about when I started to tear up! Just look at how cute he is!
Wondering what is going on...
A little turn before he was off into kindergarden...Here is his teacher Mrs. Cammack. Emma had her for kinder too!
And here is Gracie... all ready to go to Circle Time! She is such a social butterfly. She was excited to go to school and play!