Sunday, January 17, 2010


We picked grapefruit at the Alston's house last night and we just had to take a picture of this HUGE grapefruit we found on the tree! Here it is next to a regular-sized grapefruit... just look at the size of that thing!


We played our new family game: Twister the other night. If you remember this game from when you were a kid, it is so much fun! A player calls out the right or left foot, or the right or left hand and the color: red, blue, yellow or green. You have to place that hand or foot on that color on the Twister mat and you have to use a circle no one has used yet! Emma and John-John were so good at it! Johnny and I did pretty well because we have longer arms and legs, but we were so tired by the end! What a fun game!

Monday, January 11, 2010


We loved being around family this past Christmas. Here is a picture of Emma, John and Mason in the hot tub at Grama Kay and Papa's house! The hot tub is outside so they would wrap all up in a towel, quickly run to the hot tub and jump in to get warm!

The kids watched movies and played all day together. We sure are lucky to have Mason as a cousin!

Mamma and Grandpa Fred enjoyed playing with the great grand-kids. Here they are all on the couch together! What a great picture to have forever!

Us girls all had fun being together too! Across the couch: Kari, Mom, Mamma, Jamie and Ashley. I sure loved being around family I don't get to see all the time!

Merry Christmas NY!

This is the sunrise from my Mom's window. What a beautiful start to a great day! We had a great Christmas with my family in NY. The kids had a great time opening presents (after we made them wait until Mamma and Grandpa Fred arrived!!). We unwrapped books for Emma, a Little People Castle for Gracie, a race car for John-John and action figure costumes that the grand-kids all loved wearing! Mason, our cousin, had a blast with John and Emma. They dressed up and played all morning in those costumes!

I need to explain the "Jello" picture. My Mamma would always give us gifts in old food boxes. I got a Jello box this year, Kari got a stuffing box, Ashley got a cereal box... and so the tradition continues!

Johnny wrote a book called "The Adventures of Mortemus and Petunia" and had his brother illustrate it. We had it published through Heritage Makers and gave it to the kids for Christmas. They loved it and Johnny loved giving it to them after all his hard work.

This was our first Christmas together in 11 years. We had a great time together sharing memories and giving gifts. We were all so grateful to be together this year and remember the true meaning of Christmas is family!

Remembering My Brother on Christmas

This was a special Christmas and a hard Christmas too. We lost my Brother, Craig last January and this is the first Christmas without him. We had a quilt made with his favorite tee-shirts that was so beautiful! And gave a peace sign to my Mom to put in the ground by his grave. We all wiped tears away as we presented these special gifts to my Mom and remembered the fun, caring, lovable Craiger McGregor.

A Visit With My Dad

On Christmas we had a chance to go visit my Dad in Hospice Care at St. John's Hospital. It was a touching memory I will always remember, with all of us in the room with my Dad on Christmas. Family is what is so important at the holidays.

Puppy Love

My Cousin got a new yellow lab puppy named Max and he brought him over. It was love at first sight for my kids! They LOVED this cute, lovable puppy! I have to say I did too!

Fun Activities in NY!

We did a lot of fun things while we were in NY. One of them was going to The Sandbox. It's an indoor play area for kiddos. There are so many fun things to do! A huge sandbox to play in that had little beads instead of sand (very smart!) and a bunch of little houses to play in. The kids LOVED the bike slides and the bounce/slide inflatable thing! We all had a blast playing a dance game on a huge light-up board too! John-John had some moves! It was a fun day!

Snow in NY! The kids had a great time playing in the snow at my Mom's for Christmas! John and Emma collected firewood and Gracie just walked around in the snow. Saying, "Cold!!" They even went in Grama Kay's hot tub out side in the snow! They had a blast watching little snow balls they made melt in the hot water.

Birthday Party in NY

Gracie turned 2 this last December and we got to celebrate her special day in NY with my family. Grama Kay got Gracie some new outfits and a cute book she loved! Mamma got Gracie a scratch and sniff book. We had a yummy Ding-Dong Cake (YUM!) and we all had a great time!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Grace had her 2 year old Birthday on December 20th! She ate rice-krispie treat cake and got princess shoes! What fun! Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

Christmas at Our Home

We had Christmas early at our home because we were in New York for Christmas! The kids had so much fun and were excited. Johnny got a new guitar! John-John got a sword that he loved and chopped all our arms off with, Emma got a cute hat that matched her sister and a Hello Kitty Gumball machine she loved, and Gracie was so excited about her new baby! I was also excited with my new measuring cups and spoons and crock-pot! Yeah Christmas!