Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My new project

I went to a garage sale on Friday morning and I found the cutest dresser for $10! It was a little banged up and in need of a little TLC... new knobs, sanding, painting... what a fun project! So, I grabbed it and started work on Saturday. While I was sanding I found robin egg blue paint under white paint and I loved it! So, when I was spray painting it white I did it lightly so you could still see the cute blue coming through! I roughed it back up to make it shabby chic and this morning I went and got new knobs! It's adorable and I am in love! Oh, and the cute milk glass lamp on top was also at the garage sale- $4! I love finds like this!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love you!

We have been married for almost 10 years! And, not a day goes by that I am not floored that this man is still in love with me. I am so grateful for our ups and our downs that have shaped us and molded us to become the couple we are today! We are so blessed and lucky to have found eachother 10 years ago and look where we are today! 3 kids later... we are still saying: "It's a wonderful life!"

Family Pictures

We had family pictures for the Alston Family after Christmas when everyone was in town! What a great looking family!
From left to right: Jason, Katie, Maria (holding Kaitlynn), Christopher and Rachael, Chris (holding Johnathan), Dad and Mom Alston, Rob (holding Kaitlyn), Becca, Josh, Amelia (holding Alex), Jamie (holding Grace) Emma, John, Johnny and Jaimie.

The boys: Chris, Johnny, Josh, Jason, Rob and Dad Alston
The girls: Mom Alston, Jamie, Jaimie, Becca, Katie, Amelia and Maria

Student of the Month!

Emma got Student of the Month! Benjamin Franklin Charter School has themes each month and then awards students who show that attribute best the title of Student of the Month that month! Emma's theme was service. I was so happy to hear that she thinks of others and shows service to those around her both classmates and her teacher. Way to go Emma!!!
Proud Emma with her teacher, Mrs. Abney.
Standing outside listening to all the great things about the students who received the award.
Here is what Mrs. Abney had to say about Emma...

Merry Christmas!

We had such a great Christmas this year. We stayed home and enjoyed our family and just being together. On Christmas Eve we made cut-out Christmas cookies for Santa and we gave the kids pajamas, got pizza and wings, and gave the kids "Despicable me". We layed out in the living room with the Christmas tree lights lit up and watched the movie and had fun as a family! The kids laid their stockings out, set the cookies and milk out with carrots for Rudolph, and the kids went to bed. And in the morning.... Santa had come! It was so fun to see the kids reactions to their presents and the laughter that filled our home was magic! We truly are blessed.

The kids got a trampoline from Grama Kay and Papa... LOVE IT!!!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Grace turned 3 on December 20th! She is so cute and funny and she loved HER day. I am determined to make her birthday, which is so close to Christmas, special for her every year. This year we had cupcakes, which Grace licked the frosting off and that's it!) and fun presents for our Gracie!

Her favorite present by far was her princess dolls from Grama Kay! She loves Ariel and Cinderella...
Gracie loved getting a Pillow Pet Unicorn... purple is her favorite color!
Are all these for me???

Happy Birthday John-John!

John-John turned 6 on November 13th and he celebrated his birthday at Amazing Jake's with his cousin, Christopher and Uncle Chris and Dad. It was a fun day!

John's cake had cool Star War's guys on it!
Emma gave John a football for his birthday!
John got Star War's Lego sets from Grama Kay and Mom and Dad.
Happy Birthday John-John!

Fire Truck!

I took Grace and John to story time and they talked about firetrucks and had a fireman come and try on all his gear for us. The kids loved it! Then, when we left, they had their firetruck open for everyone to walk through. So fun for them.

Kirby Heyborne

Look who I met! Kirby Heyborne! He was so nice and cool. My friend won a concert with him in her backyard and I got to come along. He played on his guitar and talked with everyone. It was super fun!

Kirby has been in some of my favorite LDS movies: R.M., Saints and Soldiers and Sons of Provo. He just appeared on a Visa commercial too. He is super cool and talented. So fun to meet him!

Our Little Gracie...

Sometimes I have no words for this child! She is a sweet little angel one minute and then a crazy imp the next! She has gotten stitches 2 times in 6 months, she changes her outfit at least 5 times a day and she has no interest in potty training! But then, she comes up to me and gives me the biggest hugs, the sweetest (sometimes sticky) kisses and says "I love you Mommy!". So... no words...

Kids say the darndest things and we started calling Grace's "darndest things" "Graceisms". For example: the other day I got her all dressed for school complete with bow in the hair, cute (clean) matching outfit, panties (yes, I am STILL trying to potty train her!), socks and shoes. She was ready and I decided to get the kitchen cleaned in the few minutes we had before we needed to go. Grace had disappeared for a bit and was quiet... history has shown that is bad. I called for her to come down for school and come down she did: complete with a princess dress on (backwards), princess shoes, no bow, messed up hair, no panties... saying "OK mom... I hab been waiting for YOU!". To which I uttered "Geez Louise, Grace!" and she said, "I not Geez Louise Mom. I Grace!"

Yup... Graceisms...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Emma's Piano Recital

Emma did so well at her piano recital! Here she is with her teacher, Julie Ann Cook. This recital was right before Halloween so all the kids wore their costumes! It was so fun! Her teacher even dressed up. Emma won best costume and I was so proud of her performance. She is quite the piano player... when she practices!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2010! Emma was a sleepover girl in her P.J.s, John was Darth Vader, and Gracie was Cinderella!

Spirit Week

Benjamin Franklin Charter School had Spirit Week. Here is Emma and her best friend Annie on Twin Day!
And here is Emma on Crazy Accessories Day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emma's Baptism

Our beautiful Emma Kay was baptized on her birthday! What a special day. Her Grama Kay was here from NY and she looked so beautiful in her new whie dress. It was a very sweet evening. Definately one to remember forever!
Grama Kay and Emma Kay before Emma's baptism.
Emma in her white jumper all ready to be baptized by her dad with John, Grace, Mom and Dad.
Emma and her proud parents.
Daddy and Emma. This is the best picture!
The kids sang "If The Savior Stood Beside Me" at Emma's baptism. It was darling. I was so proud of them!

Happy Birthday Emma Kay!

Emma turned 8 on October 24th. What a special day for a special girl. To celebrate she has a "P" party... the girls wore their Pajamas, brought their Pillows, ate: Pizza, Popcorn, Popsicles, Pretzels and Pop. They decorated pillow cases and we did pedicures! What a fun night!

Emma got new scriptures for her 8th Birthday. She was so excited to get her new case to put them in too!

OK... to get her presents, Emma had to pop a balloon to get a paper with her clue on it to find her present. The hitch was she couldn't use her hands! It was hillarious! See the vey bottom of this post to see a video of her in action!
Happy Birthday dear Emma! Happy Birthday to you!!!
Here the girls are showing off their decorated pillow cases!
Here the girls are stuffing their faces with their "P" foods...Pizza and Pop!
Here is a video of Emma popping a balloon to get a clue for a present! It was so funny watching her in action! Enjoy!