Saturday, June 12, 2010

John McCain in Queen Creek

Senator John McCain came to Queen Creek Town Hall today and Johnny and I got to meet him! Since Johnny is now Council Member Alston he was introduced by Senator McCain: "Thank you to Mayor Barney for having me here today and John Alston, the new Councilman and his beautiful wife. Thank you." It was quite fun to be thanked by a senator! He was very, very nice and kept making comments about Johnny's young age. He said, "John Alston, who is still getting asked for his ID." Everyone laughed, including Johnny. It was a fun afternoon! What a priviledge!

Council Member John Alston

Johnny was sworn into office on Wednesday the 2nd of June. Here he is sitting at his new seat in Town Hall. Here he is with Julia Wheatley on the left and Dawn Oliphant on the right. What a great experience it was for me to see him up there with the judge getting sworn in!