Saturday, September 26, 2009


John and I went to the D-Backs game last night. It was John's first ball game and he loved it! He cannot wait to go again!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bowling Party

John-John went to a friends birthday party today. He had so much fun learning how to bowl! There were cool lights and tons of kids. He loved it! Here are some action shots of our little bowler! Oh... John won! He had the highest score! Yeah, John-John!!!

Muscle men! This is right after John got a strike!

Bowling can sure tire a kid out! eating pizza and drinking rootbeer!

A Night Away!

The Alston's gave us a night away at the Scottsdale Marriott. It was so fun! We dropped off the kiddos to Josh and Amelia at 5:30pm last night and took off. We dropped off our stuff and checked in and went to my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory... yum! We had Thai Lettuce Wraps (totally recommend having these sometime in you life!), I tried Chicken Costaletto and it was so good. Johnny had our fav... Chicken Madiera. We got Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake to go because we were so full (which is all 7 kinds of Godiva chocolate in one lucious, irresistable slice of heaven on Earth! Must try!) . There weren't any good movies playing so we went back to the hotel and ate cheesecake and watched "The Proposal". Very cute romantic comedy! This morning we went out to breakfast and picked up the kids and resumed the role of parents once again. We recommend a night away to everyone. Very fun! Thank you Alston family!

Here we are at the fountain at the front of Marriott... just before a huge thunder and lightening storm! We just made it before it started to come down!

Here is the front of our hotel.


Today was Patriot Day and the Boy Scouts in our development put up flags in honor of 9/11. Here are Gracie, Emma and John-John before Emma went to school this morning. Emma had red, white and blue day at school to honor the day.