Friday, August 28, 2009


Emma had a half day of school today. So, John and Emma had a lot of time to play. They came downstairs dressed up like this... 2 princesses! Emma was curtsying and smiling like a pretty princess and then... there was John-John. Heaven help this little boy sandwiched between 2 girls. I had memories of me and my sisters dressing my poor little brother up in dresses and doing his hair, nails and make-up! Ah memories! What a pretty princess you make John-John!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Staying cool in the pool!

We went swimming for Family Home Evening at a friends home last night. It was so fun! After a hot 105 degree day nothing beats the heat like jumping into a cool pool!

Here's Emma doing some tricks!

John-John smiling all the while!

Our funny boy!

I brought chocolate chip cookies over for a treat. Gracie had a few!

A full shot of everyone in the pool. Emma, John, Savannah and Micah Bramwell. Thanks Bramwell family for a great swimming party!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John's First Day of Preschool!

John-John started preschool with Miss Autumn on Tuesday the 4th of August. He absolutely LOVES it because all his friends are in preschool with him! On his first day he was practically bursting to get in the car and go already! He had his Cars backpack on with his show and tell inside. It was the letter "A" so we brought Almonds (one of John's favorite snacks) to share with his class. He memorized "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for his poem memorization and recited it in front of the class (John is not shy!) and now he is working on memorizing "Mary Had A Little Lamb". He goes from 9am-12pm every Tuesday and Thursday. His favorite part of school??? Snack time! Go figure!

Miss Autumn and her preschool class

Making funny-faces!

Claire Richins is our backyard neighbor. John and her are best buds! They're in preschool together this year.

Handsome preschooler!

Emma's First Day of 1st Grade!!!

Emma started school on Monday the 10th of August. This is her second year at Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Queen Creek. She's an all-day 1st grader!!!! Don't get me started. I had a hard time sending her off but she was so excited! She gets to play on the big playground until the P.E. Coach, Mr. C (who every kid loves!), blows the whistle. The kids all line up at their classroom numbers and say the pledge, repeat a quote from the Constitution, sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and get the announcements. They then file off with their teachers to their rooms and start their day. She's gone from 8:15-3pm every day cramming her head full of good-old knowledge!

Emma in her pretty dress for her first day of school.

Look at those baby-blues!

Emma's classroom is #20

Already to go into her new classroom!
Emma was all smiles the whole morning!

There she goes! (Her teacher is Miss Slota- I told Emma it's "soda" with an "L".